Friday, August 17, 2007

Edward Levesque's Kitchen

photo from review of Edward Levesque's Kitchen

It was a good thing we'd gone before the mixed reviews on which ranged from terrible food and crummy service to it's a favorite, I love it!

ELK had been the other option at my "going away" brunch when we'd chosen Le Petite Dejeuner due to it's closer proximity. However, as I'm moving into Leslieville, it seemed a good place to spend a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

It was not until after we'd left that the others in my party admitted they were pleasantly surprised that the exterior was in no way indicative of the charming interior - small but spacious, bright like a buttercup, with real linens - and immediate seating. Calling earlier, D was told that they don't take brunch reservations but it wasn't too busy so it wouldn't be a problem getting a table. Upon arrival, we snagged the last empty table, thankfully, big enough for four.

While we perused the small printed menus, quality coffee came swift and hot. Impressive was the "daily" selection coupled with the brunch only options. It was difficult to just pick one because everything looked excellent. There seemed to be one of my favorite ingredients in each selection. Finally, since it was brunch, I needed to have poached eggs, so I opted for the version atop chipotle corn bread with sausage and home fries. Although a deceptively small portion, it was very rich and filling. And exactly what I wanted. Never before have I had more perfectly poached eggs, fluffy white giving way to an almost caramel thick yolk. Its smoothness oozed nicely into the buttery, softly sweet smoky corn bread that crumbled into the salty spice of the chorizo sausage - a flawless foil. The potatoes tasted as good as they looked; homey and handsomely brown and uniform, tender and with a nicely seasoned crisp shell. I couldn't finish it all without help (maybe because I'd scarfed down a whole order of fresh baguette and butter).

I didn't try two of the parties selections, the tantalizingly sounding lamb-burger with olive spread, or the omelet with smoked fish and salad, but both orders were polished off with aplomb. I did however, have a bite of the banana french toast, which was nicely springy, dense, with the banana a fragrant highlight to the silky custard infused bread.

During the whole meal, I raved and couldn't wait to be a local scenester, stopping by once a week to try to the falafel, or dinner mains, or well, everything.

On our way out, Edward had us twittering at a quip, feeling for a moment that we had really been his guests.

Lunches are under $10, dinners under $30, not including drink, taxes, or tip.

Edward Levesque's Kitchen
Address: 1290 Queen Street East
Phone: 416-465-3600
Lunch: W-F 11am-3pm
Dinner: TUES-SAT 6pm-10pm, SUN from 5:30pm
Brunch: SAT-SUN 9am-3pm

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