Monday, October 15, 2007

Bar Mercurio

270 Bloor Street West
(416) 960-3877

Appetizers around $10
Pizzas from $11
Pastas from $16
Mains over $20

What we ordered:

The good:
Gnocchi in light Gorgonzola cream sauce: Still dreaming about it! Delicate, fluffy, plump and buttery pasta high-lighted by a smooth cream sauce just kissed by the cheese to have a salty bite - this dish can be extremely heavy and ruefully sits in your belly for the rest of the night, but instead, it is a heavenly treat worth going back for.

The bad:
Salad Caprese (on the specials menu) - insipid - the cheese is over powered by the unfortunately sweet pesto dressing and mushy tomato (yeah, my fault for getting tomatoes out of season), presentation is nice (see above) except for when I uncover one of the tomatoes and finds it unattractively green and with core; a little salt makes all the difference.

The ugly:
although a nice tasting wine, a bottle of Six Rows (South Australia) costs $39 - which is marked up about 200 %, while a bottle of Chardonnay (sorry, forgot to check what it was) is $48 - and these your least expensive choices. The place is touted as more upscale and the wait staff is fashionably dressed, but really ...

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