Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lean Cuisine Grilled Panini

What I'm loving now...

Working full time really does kill my desire to cook let alone slap a sandwich together, so with lunch I've turned to eating frozen food. For about a month with Michelina's on sale for $.99 I've been eating a mix of their regular and lite meals. From that I realized that when they take out the fat, they pump up the sodium and sugar content so with no fiber and minimal protein, I was always hungry. Also a steal were the No Name pasta meals (for $.95) I grabbed from No Frills which were a bit bigger in portion size and just as low in fat & calories but also high in sodium, but they went back up in price.

Now I've gotten into Stouffer's Lean Cuisine Grilled Panini. Although I can't stand the commercials, after reading a lot of good press in American Diet & Fitness mags (especially that fun book "Eat This, Not That" - yeesh no wonder I was never able to eat a whole Chipotle Grill burrito at +1000 cal), I decided to try them.

For how low in calories, they are suprisingly filling and really yummy. The whole toasty bread thing doesn't quite work, but it's pretty damn good for microwave food. I didn't like the one philly cheese steak I tried from the Bistro line and prefer the Lean version; seems like whatever they use to make the sauce creamy and cut out the fat also helps it stay together and not ooze out in a mess.

So far I totally dig the chicken, mushroom & spinach.

Below is nutritional info from the American website as well as a photo:

Fat - 7g
Calories - 320
Vitamin A - 8%DV
Calcium - 25%DV
Vitamin C - 10%DV
Dietary Fiber - 20%DV

Looks like the Canadian version is only 270 calories ... hmmm...

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