Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good Food Ottawa

Wow! I hadn't realized that I haven't posted since 2009. As I run 2 blogs for work and am on the computer 12 hours a day, suffice it to say inspiration for food posts just hasn't been enough. It's not like I've stopped taking food pics or notes of noteworthy yummy-ness however - so, expect a bunch of back issue posts coming up. Some of them will probably be way out of date - you know how the resto biz is - the only thing that's constant is change ...

Anyhow, I have been inspired to blog once again ... firstly because my cousin Abe has just started a new Go To Geek blog: for all you movie/tv/comic/toy et al lovers out there! And GFT was linked so what's a girl to do?

Secondly, my good friend, Jayro, a masterful home chef recently sent me an email about the amazing ricotta and spring pea gnocchi, tossed with butter and pancetta (omg, drooling) he made recently, pictured below:

"I should have made the gnocchi smaller, and used fresh nutmeg, but it was pretty good." 

Jayro's rendition of gnocchi

I am not sure if it's a recipe from the Sunset Magazine cookbook that I love love love ... but it does make me think of the amazing ricotta gnudi at a local restaurant (definitely one of my all time faves as well) in my neighbourhood (and yes, PS I have relocated to the nation's capital) Town Gastropub. If you are an Ottawa foodie, you may have heard that chef Steve Wall (who's signature dish is that heavenly gnudi) has taken a new position at Luxe in the Byward Market starting in a couple of week (here's the article link on that story).

Buttery bacon-y goodness - gnudi from Town

Well, just wanted to say hello and to watch out for more food stories here. Drop me a line if you come across anything delectable anywhere - I want to know!

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