Friday, September 14, 2007


220 Yonge Street (at Shuter) Toronto Eaton Center location
(416) 977-3380

It was more than 10 years ago during a crazy weekend in Montreal - a first with some of my teenage friends during an trip which included: narrowly escaping a 20 car pile-up on the 404, buying beer at some grotty club expecting hip hop but getting instead then unknown Backstreet Boys (or at least that's what we think) performing which caused us to leave in a huff (this isn't hip hop!) - and eating a giant satisfying breakfast (what's a mensch?) at the booth beside Aidan Quinn on location for that dreadful film "The Assignment".

But today, what stands out in my mind was a desire to go back and have at the giant plate of potato latkes, bagels, and more. So, when I heard it became a giant chain and there was one in Toronto, it was on my list of haftas.

Finally years later, we made a double date for brunch. Warned by D that there was usually a line up, we made sure to get in there to leave our names asap. They wouldn't seat us until all of our party arrived.

I was delighted by the multiple offerings of bennies (their Signature Eggsbenedict menu) and opted for the California because it sounded partly healthy, boasted a combo of asparagus and spinach, smoked salmon, and gruyere atop whole wheat toast.

There was no giant bread basket, although we did get served a basket of toast which seemed to come with everyone's order.

My plate had a lax presentation effort and paltry everything - like not even a decent slice of the salmon or more than a couple of bites of spinach. The hollandaise was rich and tasty, again, just a touch, this dish overall more of a diet plate then a Sunday treat eat out. The toast became soggy and was unappealing. The only thing decent was the coffee refills.

Although now they serve lunch and dinner, I'd rather try Cora's again.

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