Monday, September 24, 2007


586 College Street
(416) 534-7751

Description: very chill, small place - a bit too cozy - with a charming back patio, brisk service (water refilled every minute), lots of veggie/vegan options (veggie burger, crispy fried tofu, or grilled tofu)

Price: Around $10 sandwiches, burgers, and wraps

What we ordered:

Breakfast Burrito: big, with a rich filling of sausage, and chedder cheesy soft buttery scrambled, or freshly deeply green looking baby greens well dressed

Veggie burger, fries & wasabi mayo: on a foccacia-esque bun flecked with herbs - a bit on the dry side, maybe day old, but definitely from a nice bakery - a thick char fragrant satisfying flavourful soy patty served with red onion, dill pickle slice, tomato, and lettuce - so huge I couldn't finish it. Flavoured mayo options ho-ya! Comes with a choice of giant side of hand cut fries so good I had to bag the rest

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