Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Andros Taverna (previously Mesogio) on Yonge

Andros Taverna, Greek restaurant, 2029 Yonge Street

I know I haven't had time to blog at all with the full time job this past, what 6 or 8 months, but I had to make a quick post about this restaurant. With a lot of little choices - you know when you've exhausted all your work lunch take-out options - one gets excited about a new place. Well, in our case, we had dropped by Mesogio a few times and found it to be both delicious and of good value. We've tried the chicken breast salad, and trio of dips lunch special (I think it was $8.95) and had a tender 4 or 5 oz of meat on a fresh salad of crisp greens with a generous sprinkling of feta. Well, that was then.

The place is under new management now, along with being renamed and although we were promised the same menu, the quality of the food has suffered greatly. Although the price has dropped to $7.50 (pre-tax), they gave a measly amount of lettuce much like a handful of after thought for the chicken salad; although no real complaints about the chicken itself and a thumbs up for decent quality olive oil. However, the accompanying pita was burnt and the pork souvlaki "tasted funny" and was tossed out, unable to be finished.

What a disappointment - looks like Sobey's Urban Fresh around the corner is even a better bet for a Greek salad (under $4) and you can get a nice piece of panko-crusted breast at the deli, charged by weight.


Lilystar said...

as of a month ago or longer (today is May 14, 09) and it's closed! looking forward to what will take it's place.

Lilystar said...

actually this place closed down not long after the review! not surprised!

Lilystar said...

will keep posted if something new comes up.