Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wonderful Weezie's

Toronto Restaurant Review on Weezie's, 354 King Street East (at Power Street).

Sample of the lunch menu:

Frissee Salad $9
Salmon Nicoise
Mac & Cheese

(no substitutions)

I had the Frissee, which is why I remembered how much it cost, but all of the dishes were under $15.

It was exactly what I wanted - which can be difficult to achieve all of the time. I was wondering just what it meant that the egg was poached and fried and once it came, it all made sense. It was a poached egg coated in panko and fried! YUM! The expertly dressed homemade dressing made the a lettuce such as frissee, which is usually bitter and uninteresting save for it's shape, all crunchy, tangy goodness. The lardons were very salty and so, per the server's suggestion to incorporate the egg fully (most of her clients who order it save it for last), would have worked much nicer if I had better headed the advice (it was more broken into pieces than mixed togeter).

My P-I-E (partner in eating), Rebecca, had the salmon salad and the fish looked just as I like it, just a touch undercooked in the middle, not raw, but not well-done (I actually prefer raw salmon to cooked) and she pronounced it as scrumptious!

wonderful service - perfect timing - perfect execution. No wonder it's a neighborhood fave! Will certainly be back.

If you would like to try a similar poached egg salad at home, I've found a recipe from the What's Cooking America website: The image above is also from the site -- it looks much like the salad I had, except image the egg pretty in panko.

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Arusa said...

Usually I love the spanish omelet which is cooked on the outside and half cooked inside with some cheese and mushrooms in it. I also put some jalapeƱos just to give it that oomph. However, an egg that is poached and fried at the same time - that rings my tummy's curiosity bell. I would love to visit Weezie's and have it.