Monday, April 9, 2007

Epicure Revisited

Everyone deserves a second chance.

We returned to Epicure and although I was hankering for my usual - Lisa pointedly reminded me that I didn't fare so well the last time. Good thing. I decided that a nice juicy burger would be an apt substitute.

There are fancy topping combos for your choice of patty: beef, soy veggie, and grain veggie. I wanted a big hunk of meat and that I got, cooked well-done as ordered, and served "The Italian Style" with asiago, pesto-mayo, and spinach, as well as your tyical lettuce, tomato, onion (red, nice), and pickle. As with breakfast, you have a choice of potato, or salad, or half-half. The caesar is ok, it needs a good spiking of some more garlic or lemon juice. The mixed house greens comes with a creamy tarragon dressing which has even less flavour than the mayonnaise. However, the fact that they bring you a small jar of mayonnaise to splat as I wish on my plate. I don't know who I picked up this habit from, but now I just can't have fries without; although, the fresh cut thin fries are so crisply pliant and tasty brown, they are perfectly delish on their own.

Lisa usually stands by the egg white omelet which has never failed her yet. Pablo got a soy burger "Toronto" style (which is just plus cheddar) on a first visit, but much preferred the grain version. I think its just because he ordered that one "Italian". Not to impressed by the other fixings options, I opted to try out the "Swiss" and it did not disappoint. Mounds of meaty portabello chunks and swiss cheese made the 6 ounce whopper even more difficult to bite into, but an enjoyable challenge at that. Again the patty was a bit dry, but here is where that mayo comes in handy.

It is officially a regular spot - just the place to go when you want a hearty portion of consistently satisfying meals.

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