Friday, April 6, 2007

M stands for Musa!

Two weeks ago, we knew we were going for brunch and the onus lay on me to pick. I knew Denise would have some good suggestions, but I also knew that Lisa was wary of them. It was one of those days when we all had to get exactly what we wanted. So, it suddenly occurred to me, well, I have Kris' number, why don't I just ask him what and where that place was?


I had come across it, but the only description was that it was a Mediterranean place, hence the confusion. When we arrived, the place was busy, but there were clearly empty tables, and only one couple waiting ahead of us. We both waited a ridiculously long time for a table as it seemed each staff member had a pre-assigned role and would stick to it no matter what, and no one had been named host. However, it was slowly revealed through accidental eavesdropping that some of the staff were hungover, hence the laissez-faire attitude, so I had to give them that. Finally, the girl with the cool belt took care of us.

We all gleefully didn't know which goody to pick. I tried for a benny, but was informed that they were out (ps. it was only 2pm). Two of us settled on the lumberjack - 2 eggs, toast, meat, challah french toast, and potatoes. Lisa chose the fruit plate, which comes with egg and meat, but if you go veggie you get potatoes and no eggs. It was figured out to get meat on the side for the carnivorous faction of the group, and potatoes on the side.

Denise went with the bubble and squeak, basically fancy scrambled eggs - your choice of cheese (asiago is so the new parmigiano-reggiano), and other flare. The cajun potatoes were extra kicky, but otherwise no surprises. Although we had seriously contemplated the sarnies, they would have to wait for another visit.
As we scarfed down the wares, I realized they must have rotating artists on display as the current paintings were very different from the last mashup of photos and pieces. Denise noted that Musa reminded her of Uncles and Aunties, but less disorderly and haphazard.

Despite the slightly off service, I totally dig this place and it's so top 5 - so thanks, Kris. Word.


Address: 847 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-368-8484

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