Monday, April 9, 2007

Le Petit Dejeuner

"What's it called?"
"Le petit dejeuner, you know, French for breakfast."
"I don't know how to say breakfast in French after 7 years of study?!"

After several more aimless conversation snippets between 4 separate groups, an hour past our appointed meet time, we all finally managed to make it to Le Petit for some hopefully not so little breakfast.

At about 1pm, there was at least a half hour wait for our group of 6, but by the time we all assembled, much closer to 2pm, we only waited for about 5 minutes. I'd expected pastels and Impressionist prints, but the setting was more like your average bar (they do have live jazz in the eve) - think wood scheme and brass. They were obviously still busy so by the time we'd already given and received our drink orders (coffee in mugs, and very fresh grapefruit juice), our request for more menus (we'd only been given 2) was met, but ultimately moot because we were ready to order.

We were very excited however by the menu despite its simplicity. Denise (this place being one of her picks of course - Sat brunch options are more limited) enthused that we had to get an order of the Belgium waffles. Sure, why not? I decided on Eggs Florentine with a side of smoked salmon and would share the waffles and Chantilly cream with Jenny; who ordered the poached egg and sauteed mushrooms (veg option) over a bagel half. Denise and Jamie both opted for the smoked salmon omelet; Pablo, the "Hungry Gal" breakfast - your standard eggs, toast, and meat; Lisa, a three cheese omelet.

Denise got the last order of smoked salmon! So, Jamie and I switched to the Eggs Florentine, and I added a side of mushrooms with bacon instead. Pablo followed the "fey" menu suggestion to "guy" up his order - except the server clarified that it wasn't really done - with a side of organic sausage. It wasn't clear on the menu if Jenny's order came with the rosti potatos, so she added that (we were all really hungry gals!).

The verdict? My eggs were perfect! Beautifully poached texture, just the right seasoning, salt, cream, whisper of tang hollandaise, nicely wilted spinach no grease a top crisply golden muffins. Everyone was well satisfied with their orders, except Lisa, who was just satisfied; as the melange a trois was more disjointed flavors than a harmonious melding. And there were a few problems. Pablo didn't get his sausages (two pallid links split opened and browned in the middle) until we were all finished our meals, nor Jenny her rosti (but the chipper server took it back no big deal). Denise and Lisa thought their rosti were a bit charred. They were just shredded up pucks to me. Also, meh, was the garnish-like slaw, shreds of apple and pickle doused in thousand island.
The waffles were great though! Very light, crisp exterior - eat'em while they're still warm - and nicer with the cream (silky, buttery, and sweet) than just syrup.

The servers were attentive and cheery despite being a bit harried.

If I ever want a perfect benny, I know exactly where to go.

Le Petit Dejeuner

Address: 191 King St. E. (at Jarvis St.)

Phone: 416-703-1560


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Anonymous said...

My wife and I visited Toronto this past weekend, and based on some internet research we decided to try Le Petite Dejeuner for breakfast. All I can say is that it was one of the BEST breakfast experiences we have ever had!

First of all, the woman who was our server was extremely pleasant, and when she found out it was our first time at this restaurant she filled us in on the best dishes, and boy was she right!

We had the french toast, which was unreal! The bread is baked fresh, and we were told that they have no toasters in the restaurant, everything is toasted on a grill, which added to the experience. And the syrup was unbelievable as well, true maple syrup, not some store bought bottle.

We also ordered an eggs benny, which was reeeeeally good. And for both dishes, the presentation was exceptional.

This meal was one of the highlights of the trip, and I would recommend Le Petite Dejeuner (especially the home-made French toast!) to anyone looking for a great breakfast!