Tuesday, January 8, 2008


What we ate:

Cheese & lager fondue:

could have been hotter & gooey-er, but bread was firm and fresh & sauce was pleasant - tasting of its emmental & lager components

Mussels (brussels) - with spicy sausage, Delirium beer, red chili pepper, tomato, fennel, garlic & parsley:

mussels were very tender but should have been cooked a tad longer - they had not absorbed the sauce flavours and the alcohol had not been cooked off - it was like taking a sip of beer when eating sauce dipped bread


one of the best steaks I've ever eaten. completely leaned, perfectly cooked medium rare, the meat melted to the bite like sashimi (note to self: try beef sashimi next time), dressed with very nice mushroom reduction with - salty, richly sopped up its gravy and fried onions that were nice and crisp, a whisper of cumin cologne; fries a bit soggy from being lain on top but good flavour and texture - as fresh cut fries should be, tasting golden with a starchy interior

skor bar beer ice cream:

melted very quickly, but delectably light caramel flavour and colour, skor bits a crunchy buttery sweet richness (fresh unlike the skor ice cream at the grocery store with stale chocolate and odd "un" toffee taste)

flourless chocolate cake:

thick, dense and creamy - almost like eating ganache, too rich for one, nice to have a couple of bites between three

suggested pairing of "black forest cocktail": oatmeal stout and chambord

sticky sweet & thick, raspberry flavour like demerra sugar sprinkled on a cookie (not sure if general rule of booze having to be sweeter than dessert should apply to non-wine alchoholic bevs)

final thought? Beerbistro, Bier markt - what's the diff?

ps. bb is slightly less expensive & our server was perfect

cost: (including 2 beers, 2 juices, all taxes and tip) $120

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