Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cafe Uno (The Distillery District)

I went there because Balzac was too packed and Soma looked to spartan. It's comme ci comme ca. This carrot cake square and a latte cost almost $8. The cake was ok, nothing special and a bit dry around the edges like it was sitting there since 6am and I got there at 2pm -but still fresh tasting (on the inside).

The food looked good (lasagna, panini and that ilk), but was just as expensive as going to a pub for a sandwhich ($8-$10). Outlets and free wifi though, and you can sit there all day.

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Anonymous said...

I will not return. I stopped by to get take-out and was disappointed with the very slow service. My visit started by getting in a line and standing for 5-10 min only to have someone write my order down on a small square of paper and hand it back to me. After another 10-15 min wait I finally arrived at the cash and my order was taken and prepared (food that was already made was placed in a container and handed to me) After another 3-4 min my food was ready. I had ordered a soup of the day, and sandwich and a side order of noodles, and a butter tart. The order came to $30 which wouldn’t be too bad, if the food was better than average, but it isn’t.

Their systems seems so inefficient, doesn’t it make more sense to start making the order when the order is made, rather than waiting and filling the orders one at a time at the cash. It seems like every deli/restaurant in the city can figure this one out. I know places in the city where I can get better food that is made to order for a lower price.