Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cafe Diplomatico

I pass this place on College all the time and it looks just like a coffee shop. One night after a rousing couple of hours skating at Harbourfront (or rather, shuffling slowly as I clung onto Boyfriend for support), the three of us decided to grab a drink.

You know when you just want somewhere chill to talk (aka no blaring music) and can order food (that's not ridiculously expensive)? Anyhow seeing that they served booze, we tucked in. It was seat yourself, and service provided by this one dude was excellent. He was considerate and fast. We ordered a large pizza and it was around $11 for a large with 2 topppings. It was a substantial looking beast, like 14 or 15 inc, a medium thick crust, lots of cheese, but not overkill.

Everyone's food looked super yum. A definite new fave spot!

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