Sunday, March 16, 2008


744 Gerrard St E
(416) 462-9965

Excellent food & service! Seating might be a bit too cozy for some.

All appetizers $8, mains under $20

duck confit spread - mmmm creamy duck fat like butter with cornichons, to spread on crisp toasts or soft & chewy baguette (which was offered to be refilled - that hardly happens)

escargots in father's secret sauce - plump & tender snails in cream sauce, sweet with pepper, spicy with scallion; I wouldn't stop until all of the sauce was lapped up

cooked veg - mixed greens, zucchini & mushrooms sauteed to perfect softness with garlic and olive oil

veal scallops in mushroom cream sauce - generous portion of well-cooked but pliable veal in an earthy mushroom sauce, happily gobbled up

horse tartare - didn't have the guts to try it, but saw that it was full of capers & onions

for dessert:
crepes in jack daniel's sauce & pecans - richly dark caramel, buttery, sweet, crunchy nuts doused over proper elastic & thin pancakes

can't wait to go back!!!!

for more pics & opinions from another blog I found useful and an amusing review from Eye weekly

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