Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mill St. Brew Pub

we went out for dinner at the Mill St. Brew Pub in the Distillery district WINGS IN SOY GINGER good marinade, not as gingery (as Leah had before), but meat a bit overcooked so that it was on the dry side and the skin chewy - yet the group thought they were yum

ARTICHOKE & SPINACH STILTON DIP WITH PRETZEL BREAD -it was really just blue cheese dip since that overpowered everything, but I love blue cheese... the pretzel bread was cute and nicely light & fluffy but the salted top wasn't really necessary since the dip was so strong in flavour

PRIME RIB BURGER - I didn't try it, but word was that it was surprisingly good for a burger

STEAK PIE IN MILL ST. COFFEE PORTER GRAVY - good pastry, rich, flaky, tender and done (I hate pies that have that undercooked doughy bottom) with adequate stewed beef in robust dark gravy. mash was textbook, peas surprisingly tasted fresh (as opposed to frozen) & sweet

STEAK WRAP - I had a small bite as (you can't tell in the pic) it was huge! too big to take a full bite out of. Liked the grill smoke taste in the meat. The eater's comment was that it got soggy from the juices, and could have used more cheese.

the waitress we had provided efficient service but wasn't too friendly. when one of the party asked about the sample 24 ounces of Mill St. faves - you get a taste of 6 beers, he said, "What's the deal with that?" just to clarify that it was an assortment and not your choice of 24oz for one beer. She said something in an almost snappily as if to suggest not knowing the answer to that was quite stupid. oh well, maybe she was having a bad night.

otherwise, i liked it and their summer patio is great.

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