Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bar One

Another Q.W. staple, as I enter and spot the large communal "bar" table, I get a flashback about a restaurant trend of years back where the gimmick of the spot is to sit beside strangers, interact and have a unique dining experience. Now I don't know if the concept thrived, but I am completely uninterested. If I'm out to dine with friends, it's to specifically be with them, or if I'm eating alone, the only company I need is the food and reading material I plan on tucking into. However, as we waited for more than ten minutes for a table (again, another blustery day when the need for warmth overcomes our grumbling bellies), I thought that the "bar one" in question was good for its newspaper accommodating space. Then, soon enough we were whisked off to a nice booth, and brought good fresh coffee.

The menu is not large. Yet again, I really want to take pieces from each offering to compile what I do want (have yet to find the perfect brunch menu combo offering), but as Lisa notes, they do not accept substitutions. This does not please her, even though she just wants an egg white veggie omelet and we don't think they'd mind since she's not being picky, she's a vegetarian.

In the end, Denise gets the set of eggs, meat, home fries, pancakes, and toast. It looks very hearty and we can't even help her finish it. The jam and ketchup on the side are homemade, but quite forgettable in their blandness. My egg in a hole although small and unadorned is actually just perfect. The brioche is crisp on the outside and fresh, giving into the perfectly soft egg center, the smoked salmon and spinach the perfect amount of salt highlight, and the drizzle of aioli which seemed just as inconsequential is actually hefty in richness and another nice note to ribbon the package together.

Lisa got her omelet and side of home fries and is not impressed nor disappointed. It's fine, but the filling of goat cheese and spinach is a bit lackluster. She prefers the omelet she had from Epicure or her regular haunt Sneaky Dees. Both L and D were not too impressed by the waitress who seemed preoccupied and failed to mention that the change to egg whites cost an extra $2. But, she was quick on the coffee refills and I hadn't noticed anything.

Brunch options are around $8 - $11, not including coffee, tax, or tip, and what is described on the menu is as it is - sides are extra.

Bar One

Address: 924 Queen Street West

Phone: 416-535-1655

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