Saturday, February 24, 2007

Butler's Pantry

Although we easily sat ourselves down at this Queen W. location, the fact that it took the waitress at least 15 minutes to give us menus because she was dealing with a bad situation should have been the first clue.

I was hungry and in an amiable mood and since our coffees came swift and copiously after finally getting some attention, i was in good hopes at the unusual menu. Breakfast options were brief and cheap, but they had 3 benny options. The rest of the menus is a very eclectic: moussaka, pub pies, Indian curry, Burmese noodles, and then a smattering of sandwich options.

Once again, I opted for the benz, even though they came with a side of hashbrowns - which i saw at the next table; obviously deep-fried mccain pucks. so, badumbum... what i got was an overpriced egg mcmuffin meal. Poached eggs hard!

Jamie got the Burmese chicken noodles which looked bland and simple and not finished. The Jenster got a veggie ben with salad. The dressing was good - but tasted exactly like kraft sundried tomato, although at least the greens were mixed baby (love that it's de riguer and nary the iceberg everywhere else around the world).

Side story (the bad situation) - the table next to us - a customer made a point of saying that she was allergic to something and to make sure her order didn't include it. However, it came with said allergen, and was sent back while her companion got her order. When it came back, it was obvious that they'd just scraped off the offensive element. After a very polite complaint, they still didn't do anything; said party left highly disgruntled.

Hmmm... not going back there unless it's just for drinks or cheap abundant weak coffee.

The Butler's Pantry

Address: 484 Queen Street West

Phone: 416-504-3414


RuthieJean said...

I have had nothing but the best, BEST service at the Butler's Pantry. The food is delicious and carefully made with a very 'world comfort food vibe.' I am sorry that you had such a poor experience. You should try their Bul Go gi; it's out of this world.

Lilystar said...

to be honest I haven't been back since and this was a year ago so maybe things have changed. i am partial to bulgogi so i'll keep it in mind. i did like the venue itself, the girl was nice to us, and the prices were good