Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Something with that starts wth "M"

I remember as we approached that this single named spot, which begins with an M and had one of those best of articles touting its Toronto brunch status would be easy for me to recall if need be. As it has been a month since, and I wasn't paying attention to what street we were on, nor has it been successfully googled, let's hope someone knows what I'm talking about.

It doesn't quite seem to be Mitzi's or Maggie's. They do have challah french toast and a regular following of "campers" and on that snowy Sunday, we waited for a good while as were quite a few other groups. We were the only ones at first standing awkwardly by the bar in the middle of the joint, as it's cozy/cramped. It seemed like a good sign. However, there were at least 2 couples sitting there for a real table, and soon after a crowd of five squished in behind us. There are so many options around town, but that no one was surprised about the wait, and were happy to stay put, I took it as a good sign. So, the entrance brings you right to facing a small bar. On the left side, there's room for a few tables, not many. The decor can be described as eclectic for lack of a better word (as it isn't that unusual) but it is a place of mishmash chair styles, art and photography - kitschy but soothingly unobtrusive - and the tables were pretty short. The wait staff was friendly and relaxed, all very androgynous-ly hipster in their skinny jeans, black tees, and Tuesday Adams.

The menu was awesome! A plethora of all day brunch... each one equally tantalizing. They had like 10 types of bennies, lots of veg options. I was impressed as I spotted on other diner's plates exoticisms like dragon fruit and pommegranate seeds (although its last year's fruit trend and already yawn).

I think the boys got some sort of lumberjack hungry man plate loading aforementioned french toast, eggs to order, your usual meats - bacon, sausage, ham - and toast. It seemed as if everything included a side salad - very fresh mixed baby greens in a tasty vinegarette optimally dressed- as well as homefries (spicy or non). I ordered a bacon benny and thought it was supposed to be peameal, but got crispy side, which was just fine. It was perfect. I love it when everything on your plate tastes equally good and you can't choose which thing to eat last as it will be the lingering flavour in your mouth. Even the whimsical fruit garnishes, a cherry here, a slice of melon there were meaningful flourishes as they were freshly textured and sweet.

Coffee was abundant (so far every place I've been to has been really good with this). And the influx of people steady even until we left.

Help! I want to go back.

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