Friday, February 23, 2007


Terribly hungry after a late night of drinking, we decided just to pop by somewhere close by on Queen W. It was cold, we were famished, but determined to find a good spot! There's nothing worse that not getting exactly what you want in such a situation.

As usual, I want some sort of benny, so we diligently perused menus first. Almost settled on Portabello, but it just didn't quite have the atmosphere.

Finally, Epicure because they had Lisa's omelet, and 3 types of bens for me. There was an extensive lunch menu as well, which was tempting, but too many options so I stuck to breakfast.

Lisa has strict diet restrictions, but she was able to find an egg white omelet to her liking and was very satisfied with her light and fluffy concoction of veggies and cheese. Jenny and I had respectively, the tomato ben, and the smoked salmon. Although I'd been eating tons of smoked salmon, I was swayed by the menu description of their special house-smoked offering. With breks, you get the option of house or caesar salad, or homefries, and can have a split of both - which is what we opted for.

The only good thing on my plate ended up being the potatoes. They weren't crispy, rather just cooked and sauteed with spices, but yummy. The eggs were awful. Obviously poached with too much vinegar so that the extra tang from the hollandaise made one wonder if something had gone off - which is exactly what Jenny thought of hers. The salmon was smoked, but was cooked, and tasted as if the reason they do a house smoked is because they have to do something with the week's leftovers. The flavour was insipid, the texture ruined, and the smoke flavour was more of an off-putting char, complimented by the slightly burnt english muffin, and sadly, the sour eggs were the only thing edible - I was hungover hungry after all.

The service was ok, and the place of warm woods - think hard bench booths, but maybe their pastas and burgers are better.

I would not risk breakfast there again as there are too many other options all over Toronto.

Breakfast options are under $10, not including coffee or tax/tip.


Address: 502 Queen Street West

Phone: 416-504-8942

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